Happy Birthday, Brother

Today is my brother’s 30th birthday. It’s crazy to think we’re both over 30. I still think of us much like we were in the picture below. Time goes fast.


As much as things have changed — we live in different states, we both have grown-up jobs, etc — much has stayed the same. When we’re together, it’s just like two kids who talk and watch sports, shoot hoops, play golf, ping-pong and pool, or make up games like who can catch the M&M in their mouth first.

And even though I don’t get to see my brother nearly as much as I would like, I’m so proud of him and who he has become, the success he has achieved, the way with which he has handled adversity and the humble strength with which he carries himself.

Having a brother to grow up with and be best friends with has been one of life’s great privileges and I couldn’t be happier for him today. Love you, bro, and thanks for being the best brother in the world.

Pray for and Help Oklahoma


The tornadoes in Oklahoma have been absolutely horrible and it’s hard to even fathom the damage and devastation that has taken place there.

As some of you know, my wife is from Edmond, just outside of Oklahoma City, and her parents still live there (I took the picture above while we were there last Christmas). Thankfully, the tornadoes didn’t cause any harm to their area.

But, the destruction is widespread and Oklahoma and the victims can use all of our prayers and help right now. Below are a few resources where you can donate and help the victims.

  • Red Cross Disaster Relief - You can donate here to their disaster relief fund or call 1-800-RED CROSS or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation
  • United Way - The United Way has activated its disaster relief fund so you can contribute specifically to the Oklahoma tornadoes relief and recovery efforts. You can donate online here.
  • Feeding America - Through their food bank network, Feeding America is providing food, water and relief supplies to residents and you can get more info and donate online here.

Sure, I’ll take one of these. Makes me like Bubba even more.

Amazing sunset tonight in Santa Monica. (Taken with Instagram at Hallo, Inc.)

Uncle Drew. Belongs in the hall of classic hoops-related commercials. 


The largest single-shot photo of Earth ever taken.

(via This 121-Megapixel Photo of Earth Will Make Your Jaw Drop)

Great video from P&G about moms. I am blessed to have the best mom in the world who has always supported and loved me. Thanks, mom. Love you.

Caine’s Arcade. Awesome. Inspiring.

Donate to the Caine’s Arcade scholarship fund: http://cainesarcade.com/

Music is powerful. “I feel the band of love … of dreams.”

Bon Iver at AIR Studios.